Back to The Fans

Everyone is truly a part of art. It can’t thrive without its different driving forces. You are one of the forces. You work together with the artists and other forces to create what is Art.
As a fan, you are supposed to be truly into the art. You need to demand for great art. What is to demand? This is expecting the best, knowing what the best is and being able to figure it out. Have that pure ear, pure eye, pure tongue, pure hand, pure nose… and select.
If something is not good, it’s not good. Provide that positive criticism and let the errors be fixed. Art is a collective creation. We are all involved in its birth and end result. Push the artists to fully tap into their potential. Make them entertain you.
Let us all have fun. Let us be immersed in the world of art together. Let us all be happy. Let us enjoy our lives here on earth.
Be Among. Be True. Be involved. Be a part of the driving force!

Really deep...

I Tried to Ask Myself

Ever since you were presented before me, I liked you. I felt a connection; I really can’t explain it but I also saw it in you. There is a lot to be learned from that experience. You know it too.
We can definitely be one. I imagine that you are in me and I am in you (just smile as a sign of concurrence). It feels great. The energy is screaming to come out. It’s persistent. It’s powerful. It just takes over. I have thoughts, dreams, visions… of our interactions. How our life will be like. How happy we’ll be. This force cannot be stopped. You feel it too.
It has been forming over the years. Its manifestation is just beginning. Positive vibes are flowing and the dots are joining up. You can see it.
We all know ourselves (very essential) and, our egos if not managed can destroy what would be of us. I believe in ours because I know you’re also thinking about it. That’s our greatness. Together we will do it all. You do believe.
We will seek to strengthen one another. We will always be there to uplift when weakness strikes. We just love life. Let us remain true to ourselves and let us love. This one is for you 🙂
You’re beautiful, You’re amazing, You’re a companion. If you understand all this, You’re the one. You’re special. What will you do now?

Really deep...

Those Birds that Fly

Three birds in the air. Four birds in the air. Then two birds in the air…They were birds. They were just flying. They flew from here to there. They were free. They were themselves; just as they were created. They are always there to welcome the day and welcome the night. Creating beautiful sounds while at it. They create quite the feeling. They show what it truly is to be yourself and the potential entailed therein.
Let us be like the birds and take flight. Let us work together to create uniqueness. Let us be happy. Let us be synchronized. Let us be one. Let us be in tune. Let us move. Let us live. Let us steal the show!
We will not limit ourselves. We are powerful beyond measure. We have dominion. We are human beings. We will Be. We will achieve our potential.
All come together. They communicate. They plan and they choose a destination. They organize and when they’re ready, they take off. They disappear from our view…

Reflections and Aspirations

Think of It

Let us create a conducive environment for art to be born in. Let the mind explore, and showcase what you discover. You’re exceptional and that is what we need to see and experience.
You’re eyes always look ahead…it is the only way to go. Do not be stopped. Just move. Always ask yourself, what next?
…and they went on. They believed in themselves. They did not allow anyone to drag them behind. They flew away, they left us. They are now on the outside and they see how much they’ve been blessed. They are happy. They are them.
Trust only in God and you can be They.
Let us understand what love is and spread it. Everything would be different. We are human beings. May God live in our hearts.