Really deep...

The Art Of…

Art is an expression. An expression of your being; Good and Evil. Art can talk. It can draw you in and communicate with you and then you are able to visualize and comprehend it from your own relevant perspective. It is what I see that matters, not what you see.
I can do anything. I am able. I am capable. I am blessed.
Real art is always unique. Distinguish between God-made and man-made. You realize that, with man-made there are no rules. There is no limit. If it’s in your mind it’s possible. Express yourself. You have something to offer the world.
Art is also a form of human creation. It is created from the heart. It is brought to life and if embraced, it can have an amazing effect on the particular individual. Art does not destroy, it only breathes life.
To be a legend at your craft does not come easy. Patience is really required here. The path to greatness is only for the strong; strong in body, mind and spirit.
Let us learn. Let us create. Let us be artistic.


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