Really deep...

That Thought

It is quite extraordinary. Yes, that thought that you are having right now. What is it? You’ve never thought about it before, have you?
There is no two ways about it. It is either good or evil. Whichever the direction it takes, it can lead to beautiful creation. It is so powerful it can destroy you. You always need to rise above.
It is a true testament to the fact that, there is no limit. It just comes and you only evaluate it after it strikes. This is the tipping point, you either choose to limit yourself or fly away.
It is a way to learn about the self. It expresses you to yourself. Do learn as much as you can.
This is turning out to be more interesting as I sink further…It is one of your greatest weapon. Use it wisely.
By now you should be into it…

Reflections and Aspirations

It’s All Crazy

God is the best artist out there. I choose to be inspired by Him. It is through Him that I am able to Believe and have Faith. I am able to see things in a truly exceptional way. There are no boundaries. Do not seek human appreciation. Be yourself.
We should all strive to know who we are. The world would surely be a different place. “The sky proclaims its builder’s craft” What proclaims your craft?
Let us all rise above. Let us think like never before. Be influenced by yourself. We need to experience each and every one of you. Let us be happy. Lets us live.
Enjoy this one folks…
Try to always stay positive. Be the better man. Know better. Understand your Being and Be. We need you in this world…Fly away!

Really deep...

I Just Wrote

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m writing, I just write. I just write what comes into my mind. It ends up making sense at the end of it all. It’s amazing for sure. I call it walking with God. I write hoping that my words will inspire someone out there to be at their best. To be free. To know what they are. To know who they are. To share with us their experience.
Just do something. Achieve something each day you’re given. Every day is a gift. Leave your mark on earth…You can be grooving to this.
You’re great. You’re powerful. You’re blessed.
Show your greatness. Tap into your power. Receive your blessings.
“I desire mercy, not sacrifice”

Really deep...

The Art Of…

Art is an expression. An expression of your being; Good and Evil. Art can talk. It can draw you in and communicate with you and then you are able to visualize and comprehend it from your own relevant perspective. It is what I see that matters, not what you see.
I can do anything. I am able. I am capable. I am blessed.
Real art is always unique. Distinguish between God-made and man-made. You realize that, with man-made there are no rules. There is no limit. If it’s in your mind it’s possible. Express yourself. You have something to offer the world.
Art is also a form of human creation. It is created from the heart. It is brought to life and if embraced, it can have an amazing effect on the particular individual. Art does not destroy, it only breathes life.
To be a legend at your craft does not come easy. Patience is really required here. The path to greatness is only for the strong; strong in body, mind and spirit.
Let us learn. Let us create. Let us be artistic.

Really deep...


Creativity is in-born. It’s your unique imagination and identifier. Creation of art requires planning, organization, implementation and evaluation. Whatever you create has to be good and it has to make you happy. Create with love.
Explore beyond…see and seize that opportunity. You can only go as far as you perceive. No one else can see what you see, so don’t let anyone put you down. Believe in yourself. We can create unique art and this would lead to originality and perfection of our art. A world of entertainment. A happy place for all of us. If someone else did what you can do, why then do you exist?
I really love this track right here…

Guys let us meet this weekend at Aqua Blu for 6:AM Club Night . Let us dance together. Let us Groove. God bless us all.