Organizer’s Part 2

I suggest that you first go back to organizers part 1 and refresh your memory so that you can continue with the flow.
…I hope you guys know that Kenya is beautiful and has amazing landscape which can offer great venues for our events/festivals. Don’t stick to the same venues. Let us explore our magnificent country.
Try and have Dj lineups that have variety i.e it should be a reflection of the dance music genre. Everybody should be able to have fun through listening to their favorite type of music. Make us Dance!
Be able to involve your attendees in the event. Let them feel that it is their event hence resulting in more fun and satisfaction which then ends up in an urge to attend more events/festivals. Let’s see those happy faces 🙂
My track of the day goes out to all the beautiful ladies out there. I love you.
I know the feeling… 😉
When it comes to ticket pricing, I would think it is better to price tickets whilst giving attention to the prevailing economic situation. Don’t lock out some real fans due to high prices. All of us music lovers need to be together to create a powerful force that is unstoppable as with God by our side we will unlock all possibilities.
So as I wrap up, continue doing your thing; entertain us and give us memories to treasure. You have chosen that path so you have to be very good at it. Let us experience your Imagination.


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