The Journey

Been a Long Way Coming

I’m very happy today. To some music first
This past week I got to see someone who also had great vision and passion for music. Big up bro! I couldn’t be happier. The previews he played for me were amazing. I’ll definitely share the tracks with you once their officially released.
I was actually motivated by this. I’m even more determined right now because it’s refreshing, even crazy I think when you’re with someone who also sees the big picture and Believes. Oooh I’m on a roll this year.
For those of you who have big dreams, continue dreaming and make your dreams come true. Just do you. No one is like you and so you are the best. Hold your head up high and move. Let’s take a little diversion for a minute.
Yeah, yeah, yeah…I have hope. I know there are some of us who are doing something. Let us continue working and even be more aggressive while at it. Kenya will be recognized.
I have to finish off with a Kenyan song right about now. Bottoms up. God bless you guys.


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