Really deep...

LIFE (How I See It)

Today I would like to share with you my views on life in general. If you are reading this it means that you are alive and you should really thank God for that. I believe that God gave us everything we ever needed in this life right from the very beginning. What He did in those six days was sufficient for life in earth.
But the human desire to have took control and we set off on a mission to destroy our world. We really can’t blame anyone for this since we were created in God’s image hence we were eventually bound to do what came to our mind and as a result we are now a material world where it’s all about money thus the so called classes of the rich and the poor. That’s an outright creation of two entities which automatically creates division. This then ends up in all sorts of problems such as insecurity, corruption and a whole lot of other vices. We need to be all united as one people and share our love together. This would truly be a happy place for all of us.
I’m now going to share with you my track of the day as well as some photos that I take while I’m chilling at a spot near my place that I really love.Enjoy. #sunsetvibes 

Nature is beautiful and it is a great source of inspiration. Take time to enjoy what nature has to offer and on that note, we have to take care of our environment. This is a responsibility that God left to us. I strongly believe that climate change is the world’s biggest threat. We really can’t afford to destroy our world. I say once again, God gave us all we ever needed.
Life is just too amazing. Be happy all the time. You’re alive  Life and forgiveness of sins are some of the greatest gifts that God gave us. Live your life, no one has the right to judge you. Only be concerned of what God thinks of you.
Challenges are truly a way for God to make us stronger and wiser. That’s why I say you have to be happy always. I know sometimes they can get the better of us but anyway we aint perfect so don’t take it hard on yourself. Stay positive and always look ahead, your past is your past and you can’t change it.
You’re all special; your capabilities are not in question. Achieve your full potential. Be what you’re meant to be. Always act with love so that it spreads. Dreamers, dream on. Let us see those dreams come true. We are Human Beings. Let us Be!


Organizer’s Part 2

I suggest that you first go back to organizers part 1 and refresh your memory so that you can continue with the flow.
…I hope you guys know that Kenya is beautiful and has amazing landscape which can offer great venues for our events/festivals. Don’t stick to the same venues. Let us explore our magnificent country.
Try and have Dj lineups that have variety i.e it should be a reflection of the dance music genre. Everybody should be able to have fun through listening to their favorite type of music. Make us Dance!
Be able to involve your attendees in the event. Let them feel that it is their event hence resulting in more fun and satisfaction which then ends up in an urge to attend more events/festivals. Let’s see those happy faces 🙂
My track of the day goes out to all the beautiful ladies out there. I love you.
I know the feeling… 😉
When it comes to ticket pricing, I would think it is better to price tickets whilst giving attention to the prevailing economic situation. Don’t lock out some real fans due to high prices. All of us music lovers need to be together to create a powerful force that is unstoppable as with God by our side we will unlock all possibilities.
So as I wrap up, continue doing your thing; entertain us and give us memories to treasure. You have chosen that path so you have to be very good at it. Let us experience your Imagination.

The Journey

Been a Long Way Coming

I’m very happy today. To some music first
This past week I got to see someone who also had great vision and passion for music. Big up bro! I couldn’t be happier. The previews he played for me were amazing. I’ll definitely share the tracks with you once their officially released.
I was actually motivated by this. I’m even more determined right now because it’s refreshing, even crazy I think when you’re with someone who also sees the big picture and Believes. Oooh I’m on a roll this year.
For those of you who have big dreams, continue dreaming and make your dreams come true. Just do you. No one is like you and so you are the best. Hold your head up high and move. Let’s take a little diversion for a minute.
Yeah, yeah, yeah…I have hope. I know there are some of us who are doing something. Let us continue working and even be more aggressive while at it. Kenya will be recognized.
I have to finish off with a Kenyan song right about now. Bottoms up. God bless you guys.

Reflections and Aspirations

Welcome back to TK’s 2 Cents

Happy New Year friends. Hope you enjoyed your holidays as I did. I thank God for allowing me to see this year. It’s going to be an amazing year for sure. And so the journey continues…
Today I’m just going to say what I’m going to say; so just follow through.
From now on let us try and be concerned with being. Be better than you were yesterday. Do your best at whatever you do. Be yourself. Do what is right and makes you happy. BELIEVE. Don’t look at your past, learn from it and ask yourself what next? Always look to the future.
On to the track I’m listening to right now. Enjoy !
…Be active and take action. You have to go for what you want, so don’t sit back but do whatever it takes. We have to achieve our full potential. And if you feel me you do know that it is quite amazing to be at this point.
Don’t allow yourself to be shallow. Only God can judge you; so Imagine, Discover and Share. To cap it all off, Trust only in God and have Faith. Keep in mind that in this life you only owe God. Let us have fun. Let us have a prosperous year.