Organizer’s Part 1

Hi friends! How are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying life. So Congorock and Felix Cartal were in town this past weekend thanks to 6:AM Entertainment but i missed the event they were performing at though i was told it was an amazing one.This is definitely good for the scene in Kenya. Going by this, today i’m going to talk to Event/Festival organizers in Kenya.

I’ll start with the aspect of security. You should really ensure that this is guaranteed. I think that when there is an event/festival at Ngong Racecourse for example, no one should be allowed past the main entrance without a ticket. Gate tickets should be sold at this point. Only ticket holders should be in and around the event/festival area. Let us avoid idlers.

Not every attendee arrives at your event with their personal car; some come by taxis or other means. So how do they protect their property? You should at least provide lockers to cater for this. Everyone should feel that they’re catered for.

Let us bring more fun and games to the events/festivals. You should make sure everyone at your event has a smile on their face. Let them have the time of their lives and be sure that they will return next time.

Time for my track of the day #TropicalHouse and it also goes out to a special someone out there #MM 😉

...I’ve always loved a good aftermovie. Make some amazing ones that enable your attendees relive the experience and also you’ll get to promote your event/festival.

I’d say  you’re on the right track as you have achieved what is important i.e Starting. So keep on going and make sure you unlock every possibility. I warn you though, don’t relax for you don’t know what might be happening in the background.

Take us on an adventure that is magical, enlightening, fulfilling and unifying. Let us make Kenya dance. God bless your work. God bless Kenya.


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