The Fans

Today I’m going to talk to Dance Music fans in Kenya. Without you guys there’s nothing. You are the driving force. You have the power to determine how big dance music will become in Kenya. The music needs you. So what do you do? For you to be a true fan you also have to have passion for the music. You will need to understand it so as to appreciate it and let it take you to your happy place. Now this is a fan. Don’t just attend an event/festival just to drink or say that you attended. You have to truly show up. Be at the dancefloor, listen to the artists’ performance and dance on. We have to show that we enjoy the music;that it is our culture, our lifestyle and that we are all united. Let’s pause for a minute. I would like to share with you my track of the day. #TropicalHouseĀ  Amazing I tell you!… So now we move on. Be active on the dancefloor – engage, support and show your love. Follow the flow of the music, do what you feel like doing. Go crazy. Remember that as much as the artist is giving an amazing performance, he/she needs to feed from your energy. We’re all in this together for the love of the music. You are the most important factor of dance music thus you can’t let it down. Rise to the occasion and be a FAN. Spread the word and let our numbers increase. Dance music is our life. Let us flow with the music. God bless you fans. God bless Kenya.


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