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My Dance Music Journey

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about where my love for dance music started. It was in my last year of high school with songs like Titanium, I gotta feeling and give me everything being some of the songs that hit it off for me; but it was not until  i attended my first dance music event on 11th Feb. 2012 (All for Love Festival at the Loft) that my life was changed.I experienced something out of this world. The music, the people, the atmosphere – it was magical. I was home 🙂 My music library began to change and within no time it was transformed and dance music became the dominating genre in there.

As i continued attending many more events which have enabled me to see some great djs from all over the world such as Stephan Bodzin (best performance for me so far), Mat Zo, Jeremy Olander, Marc Romboy, D-Nox & Beckers among others, I sunk much deeper into the dance music world and I look at the level I’m at right now; all i can say is Thank You God and I am proud of myself. One of my greatest joy nowadays is meeting someone who has that true passion for dance music, its always a happy moment 😉

And now what I know is that when my time comes for me to share my love for dance music with all of you, you will be amazed. I can confidently tell you to actually look forward to this time.

Dance Music has become my life, it drives me crazy ( you should see me on the dancefloor :p ) This is among the best gifts for me.Recently I started listening to the beautiful sound that is Tropical House. I strongly recommend that you search for this music, press that play button and prepare to be blown away, especially for the girls 😉

I just remembered that on my first post i had talked about having a dance music song with vocals from an ethnic language in Kenya and now i would like to share with you one of such and it becomes my track of the day. Enjoy!!!


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