Organizer’s Part 1

Hi friends! How are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying life. So Congorock and Felix Cartal were in town this past weekend thanks to 6:AM Entertainment but i missed the event they were performing at though i was told it was an amazing one.This is definitely good for the scene in Kenya. Going by this, today i’m going to talk to Event/Festival organizers in Kenya.

I’ll start with the aspect of security. You should really ensure that this is guaranteed. I think that when there is an event/festival at Ngong Racecourse for example, no one should be allowed past the main entrance without a ticket. Gate tickets should be sold at this point. Only ticket holders should be in and around the event/festival area. Let us avoid idlers.

Not every attendee arrives at your event with their personal car; some come by taxis or other means. So how do they protect their property? You should at least provide lockers to cater for this. Everyone should feel that they’re catered for.

Let us bring more fun and games to the events/festivals. You should make sure everyone at your event has a smile on their face. Let them have the time of their lives and be sure that they will return next time.

Time for my track of the day #TropicalHouse and it also goes out to a special someone out there #MM 😉

...I’ve always loved a good aftermovie. Make some amazing ones that enable your attendees relive the experience and also you’ll get to promote your event/festival.

I’d say  you’re on the right track as you have achieved what is important i.e Starting. So keep on going and make sure you unlock every possibility. I warn you though, don’t relax for you don’t know what might be happening in the background.

Take us on an adventure that is magical, enlightening, fulfilling and unifying. Let us make Kenya dance. God bless your work. God bless Kenya.


The Fans

Today I’m going to talk to Dance Music fans in Kenya. Without you guys there’s nothing. You are the driving force. You have the power to determine how big dance music will become in Kenya. The music needs you. So what do you do? For you to be a true fan you also have to have passion for the music. You will need to understand it so as to appreciate it and let it take you to your happy place. Now this is a fan. Don’t just attend an event/festival just to drink or say that you attended. You have to truly show up. Be at the dancefloor, listen to the artists’ performance and dance on. We have to show that we enjoy the music;that it is our culture, our lifestyle and that we are all united. Let’s pause for a minute. I would like to share with you my track of the day. #TropicalHouse  Amazing I tell you!… So now we move on. Be active on the dancefloor – engage, support and show your love. Follow the flow of the music, do what you feel like doing. Go crazy. Remember that as much as the artist is giving an amazing performance, he/she needs to feed from your energy. We’re all in this together for the love of the music. You are the most important factor of dance music thus you can’t let it down. Rise to the occasion and be a FAN. Spread the word and let our numbers increase. Dance music is our life. Let us flow with the music. God bless you fans. God bless Kenya.

Really deep...

The Power of Music

Today as you read this, I would like you to do it while listening to your favorite music. Trust me!

Take flight my friend 😉

Relax and read on.

Music is a universal language. It is truly a blessing. Let us make a worldwide song, at the moment i don’t know how this is to be done but i can see that it’s possible as I’m also right now envisioning how it would influence us all. It’s beautiful I tell you. It’s paradise. Imagine the world dancing to one track 😉 You feel me? This would unite us all. You know, God has actually been afraid of what we could do if we were all united. Does the Tower of Babel ring a bell? ( Genesis 11:1-9 ) Yeah, that’s the power we have. God was smart and He had to separate us.

So friends let us love one another. We are one. We are all human beings and we are in charge of the world. Do what you wanna do. Have faith and believe. Let’s go crazy and entertain the world and make God and His angels happy too.

Let us all ride along and enjoy the magical journey that is music. And boys, let us love these girls while at it 🙂 Never hate on any genre of music if you don’t even understand it; for this to happen you have to connect with the music. Be one with the music (This is one truly happy place – it heals, purifies and enlightens). Leave the world behind, forget the world.

I’m under the influence of good music. Good music is good music. Let us Dance!!!

My History

My Dance Music Journey

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about where my love for dance music started. It was in my last year of high school with songs like Titanium, I gotta feeling and give me everything being some of the songs that hit it off for me; but it was not until  i attended my first dance music event on 11th Feb. 2012 (All for Love Festival at the Loft) that my life was changed.I experienced something out of this world. The music, the people, the atmosphere – it was magical. I was home 🙂 My music library began to change and within no time it was transformed and dance music became the dominating genre in there.

As i continued attending many more events which have enabled me to see some great djs from all over the world such as Stephan Bodzin (best performance for me so far), Mat Zo, Jeremy Olander, Marc Romboy, D-Nox & Beckers among others, I sunk much deeper into the dance music world and I look at the level I’m at right now; all i can say is Thank You God and I am proud of myself. One of my greatest joy nowadays is meeting someone who has that true passion for dance music, its always a happy moment 😉

And now what I know is that when my time comes for me to share my love for dance music with all of you, you will be amazed. I can confidently tell you to actually look forward to this time.

Dance Music has become my life, it drives me crazy ( you should see me on the dancefloor :p ) This is among the best gifts for me.Recently I started listening to the beautiful sound that is Tropical House. I strongly recommend that you search for this music, press that play button and prepare to be blown away, especially for the girls 😉

I just remembered that on my first post i had talked about having a dance music song with vocals from an ethnic language in Kenya and now i would like to share with you one of such and it becomes my track of the day. Enjoy!!!