Djs/Producers Part 2

I’ll begin today by sharing my track of the day

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i do. I’ll go right ahead and continue from where i left off last week.

6. Faith/Positivity – You have to have faith and believe that you can be the best at what you do. Do not let anyone look down upon you and surround yourself with positive influence. Love yourself, Believe in yourself and Trust only in God.

7. Mentorship – For the established djs/producers, i would urge you to try as much as you can to share your skills and knowledge with upcoming and aspiring djs/producers. You never know what kind of impact this would have on your own career given that one of your protege goes on to become a huge success but mentor with love and don’t think of what you will gain from it.

Okay now I’m just going to talk generally. Friends, seek to be yourself and allow yourself to show the world your own view – Imagine, Discover and Share.

Always dj/produce at your level best, give it your all and watch as you rise above the rest.

Desire to make sure that whoever pays to watch you perform or to purchase a track/song by you, feels that it was worth it and is therefore happy and appreciates what you do.

So friends, let us develop our talent, nurture our skills, remain focused and be ready, for when your time comes you have to rise to the occasion and rule the world. God bless You.


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