Djs/Producers Part 1

I think the writing bug just bit me and now i can’t resist the urge in me to share my thoughts on dance music in Kenya, its culture and everything else around it. I’m really excited that there is a little bit of dance music culture in Kenya though it can really be much more than it is currently and actually be on a global scale ; but I’ll first start off by talking about the music. I want to talk to dance music producers/djs in Kenya (Established, Upcoming or Aspiring) and I’ll do this from 5 points of view for today.

  1. Passion – Actually if you don’t have passion for this music, with all due respect , just stop reading this right now and go do something else that will be of benefit to you.This is what drives you and you can’t do without it. It’s what makes you go crazy when you hear dance music. It develops a deep sense of attraction, spiritual enlightenment and imagination beyond reality.This is what will make you become a legend of dance music. If you have this passion then dream on friends.
  2. Creativity – Passion will really help you when it comes to this. When you get in your studio or wherever you’re making music from or performing at, throw yourself into that world and produce/dj from your heart, be one with the music, fly away and take your audience/fans with you. I would really love to see and hear a sub genre of dance music that will originate from Kenya. It’s possible friends and we have to do it. Kenya is a great country. We should love our country and we have to make our country proud.
  3. Originality – By being creative we will be able to achieve this. I would love to hear dance music with vocals in our beautiful national language Kiswahili and other various ethnic languages in Kenya. This would actually promote peace, love, unity and respect in our country. I would like to see our tracks/songs topping the Beatport chart and other dance music charts. We are very capable of doing this. Believe in yourselves.
  4. Competition vs Quality – Please people let us love one another. Let us work as one people who only compete in coming up with great ideas. Let us embrace healthy competition whereby we are not afraid or feel intimidated to help one another. Let us make sure that the dance music scene is widespread in Kenya and try to bring in as many people as possible because this music is amazing. This is the sure way of conquering the world and putting Kenya in its rightful place. So let us endeavor not just to be No. 1 but to be great and amazing at what we do.
  5. Religion – I would like to finish with this very important aspect. God is above all. Whichever religion you belong to, remember it is your God who enables you to do what you are doing. Therefore you should always thank Him and pray to Him everyday for guidance, strength, wisdom,understanding and humility. All glory and honor belong to God.

I end there for today. Let us go forth and make great music and dj to perfection.


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