Just as we’re reeling from Stimming’s outstanding performance a few weeks ago, Earthdance Nairobi is on the horizon; it truly is festival season. The Kenyan edition of the global peace party will be going down on the 30th of September at the Ngong Racecourse. This year’s event is brought to you courtesy of 6:AM Entertainment, Epic Nation and HYPE XP. 


There will be 3 mighty stages for this one with each representing its own musical movement. The “Time Machine” stage will feature Ol’ Skool anthems, the “Love Stage” will bring you all those electronic influences while the “Happiness Stage” will have all your urban bangers. You can be rest assured that all your different tastes and sounds will be served to your satisfaction.

The theme for this year is “Re-Evolution” which signifies the need for citizens all over the world to revitalize their resistance to false ideas of separatism. We should view ourselves as global citizens not minding which country, race or tribe we belong to and as such promote peace, unity, freedom, social justice and environmental stewardship.


With a jaw-dropping lineup already out and the much loved BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy still on, you will only have yourself to blame if you do not have the time of your life at Nairobi’s number one charity dance music festival. Go on and prepare yourself to Dance for the Earth!

Get more info on the event and tickets here



Ladies & Gentlemen, Kings & Queens of the dance floor and Keepers of the cultural heritage; Kikoy Culture is upon us once again. The 2017 edition of the specially themed event that has been on since 2009 will be going down at the Alchemist Bar in Westlands on the 2nd of September.

With the good people at 6:AM Entertainment playing hosts and an amazing venue to boot, this promises to be a steaming night (pun intended)

On headlining duties will be the one and only Stimming from Germany. Stimming began producing music with a computer at the age of 16 after having already played the violin, piano and drums when he was 10. He moved to Hamburg aged 19 where he later met with the founders of the music label Diynamic on which he soon started releasing. His productions are filled with a multitude of his own unique, charismatic field recordings and you can expect nothing but a truly original sound from the very innovative artist.

Local acts on the supporting role will include Drazen, Dylan-S, Euggy and Suraj who are equally as talented. You are encouraged to go clad in your own kikoy to add to the colourful atmosphere that will be all round and prepare to have a dynamic night of mind blowing music till 6 am. See you on the dance floor!

Get more info on the event and tickets here



Well well well… as I had mentioned some time back, my new project is now just getting underway and I’d like to bring you up to speed on that. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to “WE ARE EARTHLINGS”

We Are Earthlings is a Brand/Movement/Lifestyle and Entertainment website that seeks to promote humanity through Music, Fashion, Photography, Film and Innovation.


If you were to ask me Who I Am, I would go right ahead and tell you that I am a Human Being whose Origin is Earth and as such, I am an Earthling; making all of us ‘ We are Earthlings’.

WE ARE EARTHLINGS represents us as global citizens not minding which country, race or tribe we belong to, but rather looking at ourselves as Human Beings.
We are here to promote humanity through service, for the love of our home (Earth)


Music : We bring to you great music by different artistes from around the world to showcase the rich and eccentric sounds that Earthlings offer.

Fashion: We showcase designs from some members of our own team and other creative works from around the globe, keeping in mind the basic human need that is clothing.

Photography: We share with you beautiful images of fellow Earthlings and different locations and sceneries that make up our amazing Home.

Film: Join us as we document our daily lives here at Home.

Innovation: We are always looking for ways to do things in a better way, all in efforts to make our Home a better place to live in.

You can follow us on the following platforms to find out what we’re up to…

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Twitter          You Tube

The Stories

The Whispers Around


It’s already a new year and I know it has been a while since I posted anything here but I’ve been around and the small break I’ve had (it actually seems much longer to me) provided me with the opportunity to take a back seat and look at things differently. I’ve been able to learn quite a lot in the process and I’m making a few adjustments here and there which I believe will make me a better person and a better writer while at it. We are always on the learning curve so let’s see how it goes…

The Whispers Around

I always saw them around and they saw me as well. We always had questions about each other but being Me; they had to try and find answers. They thus threw in their suggestions and I guess my way of life irked them, or something of the sort. That feeling of anger tried to force its way through me but somehow I was still calm.

I was already trending around town and their whispers are actually right, though not today: They’re still playing catch up. I’m already smiling as I write this and I’m on my way to laughter. They’re coming from a negative place but here I am heading to the positive…

I think of where I want to be and it seems I’m already living the dream but it’s just on a different scale. I‘m eliciting reactions and that is enough proof of my existence. Through their whispers they try to bring me down but instead they help me get closer to my destiny (and it was at this point that he realized it is not about one’s will…)

All hail to their whispers; they’ve brought me back to the paper…

Event Venue


The Farm Houz is an ideal event venue located just 20 minutes drive from Westlands along the Nairobi-Naivasha Highway.Built in the early 1940’s, the Farm Houz cottage was initially a drying house for the pyrethrum crop, that was grown on the farm by the land owner then. Now…whatever your special occasion; Music event , Art showcases, Office End of Year party, Birthday party, Bridal shower or just a private get together with friends or family, it is a  venue with bags of character, atmosphere and individuality that sets the stage for good times galore.

Outdoor Space

Use the outdoor space and enjoy the ambiance that is both serene and relaxing.






Indoor Space

The sitting room area with its relaxed grandeur will truly feel like your home away from home.




Barbecue Area

The outdoor barbecue corner is modern and spacious in case you want to try out your barbecue skills.

Some occasions in life are just so important that they demand to be celebrated in a way that takes the breath away, and the Farm Houz being gloriously unique and boasting stunning settings, stylish interiors, indigenous and exotic trees, well maintained lawns and guaranteed privacy; surely rises to the occasion. You are definitely welcome to come and have the best possible party along with a chance to enjoy the quiet times in the beautiful grounds.

For more information please contact;

Tony      +254 717 398 713

Johnson     +254  706 167 821



It has now been two years on this platform and as I look back to when it all begun, it surely has been an eventful journey. With over 80 posts, 88 to be precise, 700+ visitors and 1000+ views, I must say that I’m truly grateful for the day that I decided to put pen to paper and went ahead and shared it with all of you.

That was the first post and through the different posts up to this one, I have shared my thoughts on a range of issues ranging from Music, Art, Events, Creativity, Inspiration, Word Play, Innovation to an interesting series ‘The Stories’ which is a special art form that led to the addition of “ and TK” to the title of this blog. This was necessitated by the fact that I went much deeper into my being and started sharing my personal story.

I sincerely believe that each and every post that I’ve put up can go ahead and impact someone else’s life in a positive way and that has been the motivation to keep on writing. Through the blog I’ve inspired others to follow on the same path, I’ve made some people laugh, I’ve intrigued others and I’ve totally confused or rather mislead some people but whatever the case might be, I had an intention at the point of writing and it was right by me…

As a result of the blog I’ve been to places I was never before, I’ve met people that I’d never met before and I’ve gained access to a number of important events; basically it’s opened doors. I have also learnt a lot about myself as well and due to this you can keep your eyes glued for my new blog which will be up and running soon enough. The journey ahead is even more interesting and I invite you to join me as I cross over to the next chapter…




Half Baked is the mastermind behind this outstanding project that goes by the title ‘TIDES’. With the help of Brian Bett and Sichangi, it is a wonderfully crafted 10 track EP that presents us with a full bag of exquisite electronic sounds…

1. Crystal Clear
Pure class with that intro. Positive vibes are already flowing and the track focuses our attention fully into the project to ensure we don’t miss a sound. Nice twist to the vocals also.

2. Lucid Dream
Lucid dream takes us to wonderland where we can’t help it but have happy thoughts. It is a great follow up from the first track. Amazing work on the drums as well.

3. Tides
The beat play here is very cool. The track has a very rich collection of sounds and a bass line that’s as good. The ending is also very well thought out.

4. Skrrrt
The title explains everything. The track is as interesting as they come with its eccentric sounds.

5. Hold On

6. Strolin
We’re surely strolling here – on a journey through the woods in a distant land and the beautiful sounds are our guiding forces. Spot on with the title. Great collaboration indeed.

7. Sailors Promise
Nuru’s amazing voice is on this one and she is as mesmerizing as ever. Her vocals are a great addition in the track; surely a refreshing point in the project.

8. E.T (Bonus Track)

9. Katana
I love the fact that it portrays perfectly the fact that it is the penultimate track of the EP and this goes to show the skill involved.

10. Feels (Bonus Track)
A toast to the last track of the project; an absolutely amazing intro which clearly indicates the stage we’re at in the EP. Though if feels like something is missing; it ended too soon.



Half Baked’s skillful play with electronic sounds is on display on the EP and he really outdid himself on it. He’s really good with the intros and sticking to the theme. I greatly admire the fact that he presents a lot of uniqueness in his productions and that’s a great plus as it proves his creativity and authenticity. You can keep an eye on him here.